Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today we take a look at CNUK :)

Formal Affair is Chic and stylish, perfect for the SL working lady.  The jacket could also be worn with a pair of jeans or black pants, with a turtleneck sweater...very versatile.

Winter Warmth is complete outfit with boots, jeans, coat, scarf and hat.  Face it the winter weather is closing in on us.  What fun to wear this and build a snowman with someone you care about.

Chic in Burberry is one of my favorite slack outfits.  With the jacket, pants and boots in the same package, you can't go wrong.   Very chic and very wow.

Dolly Red should be your next swimsuit.  It is fun, perky and sexy.  
How can you go wrong?  
And if you wear it to the Galaxy Pool , Mr Walrus will give you a hug.  (smiles)

Camo Bikini is the bikini to wear when you want to make a impression.  
It is sexy with a capital S.

Like what you see?  Be sure and check them out today!

Matahari Skate (sleigh) -


Photos and article by Crystalmom Bunnyhug

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