Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vacancy Finder

Looking for a vacant room on the Galaxy but don't know where to go?  Well you can look around the ship using our map or ship info notecard and find a vacant box that way. 

Or you can use our Vacancy Finder in reception.  It is located on a pillar to the right of the desk in reception.  It is easy to use simply use the arrows on the device to find something you like.  The hovertext above gives details such as price and prim limits.  When you see something you like, simply click the blue "map" button below the image on the device and teleport there.  Then just pay the box by the door.  It is that simple.

Vacancy Finder on The SS Galaxy

SS Galaxy's Memorial Day Sale

The Galaxy is having another Suite Sale in honor of Memorial Day!  All Galaxy, Stirling and VIP Star suites are now 10% off.  Simply pay the box, the discount is automatic.  Looking for a great place to take that special someone?  Look no further than the SS Galaxy!

Sale ends Wednesday!

Vacancy Finder

Friday, May 27, 2011

Trouble Buying lindens?

Are you having problems buying lindens on the secondlife website?  You might try switching your web browser.  As crazy as it sounds you might try the Firefox web browser ( instead.  This has helped many people bypass the issue until Linden Lab and put in a more permanent fix.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

4th Anniversary Is Approaching June 11th & 12th

The Galaxy's 4th anniversary is fast approaching and we are going to celebrate in style!  Live music, parties, and more!  Watch this space for details!

Our information feeds

With the possibility of Facebook deleting and/or locking profiles that are SL based profiles only with no real life info given (and this has happened to many people), don't forget we do have Twitter!/SSGalaxyEvents  and feeds as well.

And of course our website and this blog.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Suite Mothers Day Sale

The Galaxy is having another Suite Sale in honor of Mothers Day!  But only for a short time!  Galaxy suites only 900 a day or 4000 weekly!  Furnished Stirling Suites are  2500 a week (furnished)!  VIP Star suites 500 a day or  1800 a week (furnished)!

The rental boxes are all preset with the sale prices. Come get them while you can!

Click here for a teleport to our main reception area with the room vacancy list.