Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blue Lotus Geishas Special Event!

This Saturday (October 1st) at 2pm The Blue Lotus Geisha's are having a special event at our Japanese Restaurant.  There will be a special performance, streamed music, tea, sake and more.  Several of the Geisha Sisters are graduating.  You won't want to miss this!  Grab your Kimono, love of sushi and come join us!

Japanese Restaurant
Boarding Gangway

Tiny Art BIG Party

We recently had a event in the Nova Straaf Gallery showcasing all the great Tiny Artists Raglan Shire Tree Gallery including: Bith Wierwight, Etheria Parrott, Karmagirl Avro, Shmoo Snook, Teal Freenote, Toady Nakamura, and Wynx Whiplash.

And you know Tiny's never do anything "small". We had DJ Shady Fox streaming great music to keep tiny feet (or biggie as the case may be) in the mood.

Everyone had a great time.
Of course some hit the d'oeuvre table first (even tiny's have to eat). :)

If you haven't seen this great exhibit, you still have time as it is on display in the Nova Straaf Gallery until the end of the month!

Nova Straaf Gallery:
SS Galaxy Boarding Gangway

The SLCS Cheerleading Squad!

Recently the SLCS (Second Life Cheerleading Squad) visited the SS Galaxy's Zodiac Ballroom and put on a great show.  Many new routines and they were as personable as ever.

Quite the line up :)

The flying dismount!  Quite something to see. :)

And a special effects show at the end!

The SLCS Cheerleaders are a unique, dazzling organization and their competition-style cheerleading performances captivate audiences throughout SL.  Their shows are something you don't want to miss!  

If you did miss this show, fear not as they return on a regular basis.  Be sure to see our calendar on this blog or our website at

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aerobics Class

Have you been eating too much of those chocolate covered prim sundaes?  You know the ones that look soooo good and are 300 prims?  Where do you think those prims go?  The old saying "a moment on the lips forever on the hips..." 

Several people joined our aerobics class today today to help keep that old body slider on 0!

And we even had a nurse today helping distribute the cool water for the overheated class members.

Live Music: Carah Nitely and Songbird1028 Sorbet

Recently we had two wonderful singers in our Zodiac Ballroom here at the Galaxy.

First we had Carah Nitely with a great concert of many requests
Then we had Songbird1028 Sorbet.  She may be a tiny but her voice is ANYTHING but!

As you can see the tinys (as well as biggies) had a great time)

If you missed the event, fear not as we will have both of these wonderful singers back again soon!  Please check our website calendar or our the calendar here on our blog for all our events.

Zodiac Ballroom

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our web presence is moving....BUT not far!

Our web presence is moving....BUT not far!  Due to various issues we are moving our website from to!  The current site will remain until later this month.  The new site is in the process of being updated and that will continue in the coming weeks.  

Our this blog ( will continue as well and will be better integrated to the new site later on.  But both sites will continue.  The main site will be mostly information about the ship and what we offer, while this blog will continue to have the latest news and events.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Remembered: Light A Candle In Our Chapel

Candles have been placed at our chapel on the SS Galaxy.  These are in honor of those lost during 9/11.  Please feel free to light one if you lost families and friends at that time.

The Management and staff offer heartfelt condolences to those families and friends that have lost someone 10 years ago on this day.


Port Of Call: The Raglan Shire

Have you noticed our latest port of call: The Raglan Shire?  Do you like the patter of little feet?  Then you are in luck!  The Raglan Shire has a lot of places to explore and friendly tinys to meet.  And like previously posted the tinys also have a exhibit (called "The Art Of Being Tiny") in our Nova Straaf Gallery you will want to see.

As you can see the Tinys were having a blast after the docking dancing to the music of  DJ Shandy Stradling

 Tinys and biggies alike having a great time at our Pool Deck!

Just click the sign on our gangway to disembark.  But be sure to return before we sail on to our next port of call!

Boarding Gangway

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yoga Is Always Relaxing

Yoga is always relaxing and here at the SS Galaxy we couldn't agree more!  Our Health and Wellness manager Sammy Reddevil gives Yoga classes on a regular basis.

 Starting and breathing deeply (very important)
 Bet you didn't know we could flex that way did you?
 SL decided to throw some people the advanced "look mom no arms" class.
As you can see everything ended swimmingly. :)

If you missed out on this class don't worry we will have another one again soon. Just check our calendar for the next time (usually Thursdays at 9am).

Yoga Class:

A Little Fishing Fun

Fishing is always fun at the Galaxy.  There are great prizes, conversation with various fisherpeople and you just never know what you are going to see!  No you are not seeing things, yes there is a giraffe fishing in the photo (and I hear he caught most of the fish as well!).

If you missed this contest, fear not we have one every Tuesday at 3pm!

Boarding Gangway:

Cool TIme with DJ Rockn' JTB!

Recently we had a cool time at our Ice Rink and with DJ JTB how could we not?  It was a great time on the ice and as you can see everyone was getting in on the action.  If you missed out fear not, I am sure we will have one again in the near future.

Tiny Art Exhibit

The SS Galaxy presents the Raglan Shire Tree Gallery
"The Art of Being Tiny"    Sept 3 - 30

Artists include: Bith Wierwight, Etheria Parrott, Karmagirl Avro, Shmoo Snook, Teal Freenote, Toady Nakamura, Wynx Whiplash

When you have a opportunity, this month,check out  the Nova Straaf Gallery on the SS Galaxy.  The Tinies have it full of  fun, color and creativity.  Just walking threw the gallery gives you  smiles. There are drawings  photos, and paintings of these very talented Tinies.

I visited the Shire this past week and was lucky enough to get a little tour.  I was very impressed with what I saw.  They are having Midieval Festival right now with many  interesting things to see and do.  So do take a peek and don't miss out on the fun.

Article and photos by CrystalMom Bunnyhug curator of the Nova Straaf Gallery

Nova Straaf Gallery:

Benefit for Rodanthe North Carolina

Debi Latte (frequent singer here at the Galaxy)  is in one of the communities that were hit hardest by recent hurricane to hit USA's east coast.  There is a benefit going on today and tomorrow at two different locations with several live music artists with all proceeds going to help the community.

Please see below for details.  Thank you.   Also we have donated two special certificates each worth a weeks stay in the Galaxy suite for the auction.

Saturday (Sept. 10) at BS's:

10- 11 Agustin Braham
11-12  Phil Setner
12-1 Sparrow and Sunwolf
1-2  Joaquin Gustav
2-3 Sid Slade
7-8pm  Max Kleene at BS's
updates will be added.
At "Bring a friend and stay a while":

Sunday's (September 11) shows will be at Prim Economy Music Park from 3:30 to 9:00 pm slt

3:30 The Amazing Shannon Oherlihy!
4:00 The Sensational CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster!
4:30 The Incredible Noma Falta!
5:30 The Spectacular Savannah Coronet!
6:00 The Talented Hogan Bailey!
6:30 The Awesome Mamaa Saiz!
6:45 The Wonderful Miss Gina Stella!!!
7:15 The Amazing Anek Fuchs!!!
7:45 The Fantastic Harry Frychester!
8:00 to 9:00 The Unbelievable JustinElias Anatra!