Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gem Hunt! (UPDATED)

It is GEMSTONE week on the Galaxy!  All of our events have a Gem theme and we have hidden a Gem on the Galaxy.  First person to find it gets a weeks stay!  Once one is found another one will be placed in another location the next day.  Good luck!

Above is a example Gem.  They will always be shown on the desk in reception.

As people have not found the Diamond there are now TWO gems aboard to find.  And the first one I will leave you with a hint....it is somewhere in Forward on Deck 1.

The Diamond has been found!  Congratulations to FD Lemon!

The Sapphire has been found!  Congratulations to Blaze Lavender!

There is another Gem to find!  See if you can find the Emerald!  Good luck everyone!

Reception and Hospitality: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Galaxy%20AFT/138/46/22

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