Friday, November 16, 2012

The Holidays are near, But Our Mall Has You Covered

The holiday is right around the corner.  Gift buying is upon us.  Don't forget the SS Galaxy mall when you are looking for that perfect holiday outfit or the perfect gifts.   When you buy from the SS Galaxy Mall you help support the Galaxy.  So think of the Galaxy first this holiday season.

1. Matahari Style & Skate---Check out this store from everything from nightgowns, skating outfits, evening wear for the ladies, and sporting wear.

2. Es Stylez --This shop as so many Christmas ideas that I can not count them..:)) If you love mesh, you will love Es Styles.  The outfit that the model is wearing and the  table that is in models hand is available at Es Stylez.  Check it out.

3. Porsche's Boutique & Bodywear Jewelry
Porsche's Boutique & Bodywear Jewelry has elegant to casual dress, plus the jewels to dress up the dress.  A really one stop store. Make sure to check out both of these stores.

Article and photos by Crystalmom Bunnyhug

Spooktacular Time with the Soulman!

If you missed our Halloween Ball then you missed a real Spooktacular time!  The costumes this year were amazing.

 Why even a few prisoners managed to escape and come to the ball.
 Some of the costumes were really really hot.
 Others were quite electrifying. :)
 And some even took the phrase "dig up a date" to a whole new level.
 We get all kinds.  Even pirates looking to bone up on a few things dropped by.
And there was even some horsing around going on.

If you missed out fear not, we will have another costume ball again soon.  And DJ Soulman is always at the Pool Deck every Sunday 12pm SLT dishing out the best to touch your musical soul.  Be sure to check out the SS Galaxy website for our full calendar and more!

Zodiac ballroom

Coral Lagoon Pool Deck