Saturday, May 26, 2012

All about Eve Spring Sale

All About Eve is having a Spring Sale.  Here are a couple of the spring outfits. 
The cocktail dress is sexy and fun to dance in. 
With the coming summer season this shorts set will fit right in. 

The nautical theme outfit is the perfect shipware, or beach ware. 
Hurry over and check it, they are well worth the lindens.

All About Eve Store 

Article and Photos by Crystalmom Bunnyhug

SS Galaxy's Memorial Day Suite Sale!

This Weekend is Memorial Day in the USA.  And with this in mind we have SLASHED the prices on Galaxy, Stirling and VIP Star Suites!  But only until Tuesday!  Galaxy suites only 3900 a week!  Furnished Stirling Suites (deck 4 AFT) are  3000 a week!  VIP Star suites 500 a day or  1500 a week (furnished)! 

The rental boxes are all preset with the sale prices. Come get them while you can as at these prices they won't last!

Galaxy Boarding Gangway:
Vacancy Finder:

Monday, May 14, 2012

The SS Galaxy Celebrates 5 years! UPDATED

It is hard to believe that almost 5 years ago one mans dream created the great vessel we all know and love that is the SS Galaxy.  This year we remember her inauguration on June 9th & 10th.  And of course you know we will be celebrating in style:

Saturday June 9th--------------------------------------
Maximillion Kleene Live In Concert 12pm in the Zodiac Ballroom

Maximillion Kleene plays a combination of Rock, Pop, Alternative and solo acoustic styles covering well loved classics to newer.  His vocal style is versatile, with a full toned acoustic sound...from soft and melodic to pulsing and energetic...a versatile, all-around rock performer with a sugary sound, smooth groove, a little punk edge and a lot of in-your-face ROCK!  Be sure to arrive early as he tends to fill sims quickly.

CECI Dover Live In Concert 1pm  In the Zodiac Ballroom

We are pleased to present Ceci Dover live in concert!  Ceci was born and raised in Argentina and is currently living in Spain.  She has been singing all her life.  A regular at the Galaxy we are certain you are to enjoy the special program she has planned for us.

Carah Nitely LIVE 2pm SLT at the Zodiac Ballroom

We are pleased to announce we will have Carah Nitely Live in Concert tonight.  The Galaxy is her 'home' stage and it wouldn't be a anniversary celebration without her.    Carah sings a variety of popular songs including Angel, The Rose, Black Velvet, Think Twice and All I Wanna Do to name a few.

7seas Fishing Contest 6pm SLT at the Boarding Gangway

A unlimited 7seas fishing contest is to take place from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.  The first place winner will receive a weeks stay free in one of our staterooms!  2nd and 3rd place winners will receive what every fisherperson needs  BAIT!   Hope you will join us. A Prize pot starting at 500L will also be divided among the winners.  Custom Trophies to the top 3 as well! And prizes for leveling. 

AND we have a special 5th Anniversary blue print with a weeks stay in a Galaxy Suite given to those that complete it!

Sunday June 10th------------------------------------------------------
The Soul Man (DJ Bobby Eberhart) 12-2pm SLT at the Coral Lagoon Pool Deck

It is time for a special Sunday with the Soulman!  We always say if you like to have your musical soul touched then you want none other than the soulman!  The soulman is the longest running DJ on the Galaxy and if you ever attended one of his shows you would know why.  If you haven't then make sure to drop by today!

Ice Skating Event with DJ Eria!  2pm SLT at the Glacier Cafe & Ice Skating Rink

Want to show your best ice skating moves while Rockn to the beat of DJ Benny?   Then join us Today with your host Kiandra Kiranov for fun on the big FREEZE. 

Ice Skates and HUD with many different animations are provided.  Or feel free to use your own.

Frogg Marlow and Jaycatt Nico 5pm SLT At the Zodiac Ballroom

Frogg and Jay are two of the first musicans to bring live music to SL.  Their unique songs, combination of guitar, piano and wonderful vocals (not to mention their personalities) give each show a wonderful experience you certainly do not want to miss.  Whether  you are a fan or have not heard them before, be sure to join us for some wonderful music!

Debi Latte LIVE 6pm In the Zodiac Ballroom

Debi joined SL in July of '08 and has been singing at venues all over the grid.  She honed her craft singing in RL choruses and choirs, at concerts and weddings, and with small local RL bands.  A unique performer that is often at the Galaxy, and if you have ever attended one of her shows, you will know why.

This schedule is subject to change, make sure you check our website for the latest info at our blog at or of course you can always wear your Ship Info HUD.  If there are any changes a new one will be sent to you. :)  We hope you will join us in the celebration!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Absolute Serendipity has a new offering aboard!


Ladies, this is a "must go see and get". Absolute Serendipity has just placed a new gown called Aphrodite,  in her store  It is elegant, flowing with richness and perfect for those ballrooms that we all love.  And the colors are wonderful. And to top it off it is very affordable. 


Then take a look at the group invite folder.  You are so going to want the gift that Peta has for you.  It is perfect for dancing in the clubs.   Ladies,  you sure will be smiling after your  shopping trip to the Galaxy Mall.

Absolute Serendipity 

Photos and article by Crystalmom Bunnyhug

Stirling Suite Sale!

We are pleased to announce all Furnished Stirling Suites (deck 4 in aft east and west sides of the ship) are on sale!  Only 3000L a weekly rate or 700 a day!   They are next to the largest rooms aboard and very elegant.  Located on the deck 4 on both the east and wast sides of the ship in AFT.  Extra security system is included.

The boxes are preset with the sale prices so come get them while you can!

Stirling Suite #480

Stirling Suite #481

Stirling Suite #483

Vacancy Finder

Friday, May 11, 2012

Announcing our New Info HUD!

We are pleased to announce our new SS Galaxy Info HUD!  Wonder where everything is aboard?  This HUD has it all!  Activity locations, Room's, General Info about the ship, FAQ and more!  It is self updating, if there is a new version it will be sent to you automatically upon wearing. 

To get your copy simply land at the Boarding Gangway and you will be offered one.  Or click on the automated receptionist behind the desk in reception and pick HUD in the menu.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to the Galaxy!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Security System Upgrade

We are pleased to announce a upgrade in the security systems aboard the Galaxy!  Galaxy Suites have already been upgraded AND the  Stirling Suites now have this installed as well!   This new system is much easier to use and allows for configuration by renter at the moment of rental instead of manually configured by staff (click the secure button on the wall in your suite) . 

Please note the extra security systems are only available in our largest suites, but they will never substitute for our staff.  A reminder: If you have a issue or problem please do let us know via the service call on the desk in reception.  This of course applies to everyone. :)  Also some suites have a call in their room such as Galaxy and Stirling.

We hope you enjoy the addition.

Galaxy Suites:

Stirling Suites: (along the East and West walls of Deck 4 in AFT)

Boarding Gangway:

Room Vacancy List Finder

Service Call

Tip...easiest way to use SLURL's is to cut and paste them into your local chat (or a IM) hit enter then click on it to teleport directly there.  This is often several clicks easier than clicking directly on a website, especially if you are using a 3rd party viewer.