Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update On The SS Galaxy

Dear Supporters and Friends of the SS Galaxy,

There have been many rumors cycling regarding the Galaxy and what really happened.  I can’t release that information as of yet.  However, I can now say that the SS Galaxy has been acquired by Linden Labs and will return.  She is currently undergoing retrofitting to sail under the Linden Labs flag.  I have been tirelessly converting all the transferable prims I personally owned to Linden Lab ownership, and my part of the project is now complete.

Sadly being under Linden Lab’s flag also means that none of the previous management or crew will be aboard in any sort of capacity.  I have also been told there will be no rentals or events.  This means she will not quite be the Galaxy you know and love.  But she will still exist in a museum state and be open for visitation in the near future.

More information will be released as I can.  I wish to thank everyone again from the guests, to the staff, and beyond.  You all made the Galaxy the special place she was, and no one can take that from us.

DBDigital Epsilon
Former Manging Director
SS Galaxy


  1. I'm happy to know the Galaxy will be around for future generations to enjoy, even in a limited capacity, but it's bittersweet, because a big part of what made the SS Galaxy was its crew and occupancy :)

  2. I too am happy that the Galaxy will at least continue to exist for future visitors to enjoy. I remember marveling at it more than 7 years ago, and visiting it from time to time along the way. So few builds even a year or two - it is one of the sadder truths about SL

    Though I visited the ship from time to time, I never took it upon myself to join the community - something that I now regret strongly.

    Perhaps one day, LL might consider holding events on the ship once again, or making it available to others for that purpose.

    It feels now like a ghost ship, and I feel a profound sadness as I look down at it.

    My deep thanks to everyone who put in the time and effort to give us all this unique and wonderful creation.