Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ship Shot by Cesar Asadar

Another ship shot this time by Cesar Asadar as he cruises by in his yacht!

Ship Shot by Wildstar Beaumont

A nice ship shot by Wildstar Beaumont.
Thanks Wild!

UPDATE:  Here is a couple of more.  And you can check out more yet at his flickr stream

Breakfast Buffet added to the Starlight Lounge

 We are pleased to announce our new breakfast buffet has been added to the Starlight Lounge!  And with that in mind, for a limited time breakfast is us me (it is the most important meal of the day you know)!

Just click it, wear the fork and plate, then click on the items you want that are on the buffet table.  One you have filled your plate you have the option to say you are done or empty the plate to start over.

Starlight Lounge Breakfast Buffet:

Need to rehydrate after a workout?  Then look no further than our new water cooler.

Just click it and it will pour, then give you a cool glass of refreshing water.  Ahhhhh nothing like it. :)

Spa and Fitness Center:

Debi Latte LIVE in Concert

We had a wonderful concert last night with Debi Latte in our own Zodiac Ballroom.  Debi joined SL in July of '08 and has been singing at venues all over the grid.  She honed her craft singing in RL choruses and choirs, at concerts and weddings, and with small local RL bands. 

She lends her sultry voice to a mix of covers from artists such as DIDO, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Leon Jackson, Katie Melua, and Sarah McLachlan... mostly romantic songs and some oldies, but goodies! You never know quite what to expect at one of her concerts, but be sure to expect to have a great time!

If you missed this event, don't worry we will have her back again soon.  Be sure to watch our calendar at for up to the minute news and event listings.

Zodiac Ballroom:

DJ Eria will have you seeing stars in the constellation lounge

DJ Eria has a great set every Tuesday at 12-2pm SLT with your host GaeaLicious Resident!  Her music is wide, varied, and she takes your requests.  The conversations are always interesting and cover anything from the latest SL issues, world news, the best fashion, or what the latest gadgets are.  You just never know!

As you can see everyone was having a great time, and our "gender challenged" prize giver is always good for a laugh.  Be sure you join us next time! :)

Constellation Lounge:

The Soulman takes a trip down Music Lane in the Boiler Room!

Recently we had a special party for Riko Kamachi in the Boiler Room Nightclub with The Soulman (DJ Bobby Eberhart) that was a real blast.  The room was decorated especially for the event with a Hobbit theme!

Some people were having so much fun, they were on cloud 9. ;)

 Boris showed up and made good use of the cat bed. :)

 The ladies were line dancing up a storm, and whenever got in on the action.

Someone should have told Boris there wasn't any fish in that bowl. ;)

It was a great time had by all.  If you missed it, join us next time with the usual Soulman Sunday 12pm SLT at the Pool Deck!

Boiler Room Nightclub:

Coral Lagoon Pool Deck: