Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crooked House has moved to the SS Galaxy

As you may have heard the Crooked House, a well known icon and early build of SL was in danger of disappearing from the grid (  I am pleased to announce it has been successfully relocated to our water sim south (just off the bow) of the SS Galaxy.  There is a teleporter to the location at water level.  Or you can take this direct SLURL

 We hope you enjoy this unique icon as much as we do.

SS Galaxy Gangway
Crooked House

Thursday, June 16, 2011

4th Anniversay A Success!

We are pleased to announce our 4th Anniversary was a great success!

We started off with Maximillion Kleene:

Continued with a little soothing sounds of Frogg Marlow and Jaycatt Nico:

Then we had Carah Nitely:

Then we had the unique sounds of EdHausen Morpork

And to round out our live music event we had Debi Latte:

And on sunday we had The Soul Man (DJ Bobby Eberhart) with a special soulfully romantic set!

And finally we had a quiet relaxing event with  the Blue Lotus Geishas.

And we would like to thank you (our loyal community) for your support over these 4 years in rentals, tips, and moral support.  Without you we would not be here.  And here is to the years yet to come. :) 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DJ Rock'n JTB In the Constellation lounge

We had a great event in the Constellation Lounge last night with DJ Rock'n JTB on hand playing great music (not to mention taking requests).  If you missed out fear not JTB will be back next week Tuesday at 5pm.

As you can see everyone got into the best in white contest and the trivia ball was there stumping everyone in the room (although not all the time).  Come and join us, just another great event here at the Galaxy.

SS Galaxy
Constellation Lounge

Saturday, June 4, 2011

SS Galaxy Celebrates 4 Glorious Years

The SS Galaxy celebrates 4 wonderful years on the 11th and 12th of June (a week from today).  And we are throwing a party and all are invited!  We hope you will join us in celebration!

The schedule is as follows:
(subject to change please see or the calendar here for any change)

Saturday June 11th 2011 in the Zodiac Ballroom
12pm Maximillion Kleene Live in Concert
1pm Frogg Marlow and Jaycatt Nico Live in Concert
2pm Carah Nitely Live in Concert
3pm EdHausen Morpork Live in Concert
6pm Debi Latte 6pm Live in Concert

Sunday June 12th 2011
12-2pm The Soul Man (DJ Bobby Eberhart)  At the Zodiac Ballroom
3pm Blue Lotus Geishas at the Japanese Restaurant

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Port Of Call: New England

The SS Galaxy is pleased to announce we have sailed into our next port of call: SL New England!  Yes New England is back and better than ever.  They have great events and not to mention a all new wonderful place to explore. 

Just click the sign on our gangway to disembark.  But be sure to return before we sale on to our next port of call!

SS Galaxy Gangway