Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Photographs of the Galaxy!

There are many great photos taken by people aboard Galaxy every day.  We thought we show you one.  This is by Wildstar Beaumont sailing as the sun sets.  You can check more of Wild's work at his flickr album.  This image is used with permission.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Galaxy Holiday Catchup 2014

What has been going on aboard the Galaxy?  Lots, however I admit we haven't been posting here as much as we should have.  Something we are going to rectify.

Some of the fun activities we have had during the past holiday season:

The Kids Party for AV's and Zooby Babies with DJ Mandy went over well and we will have another one in the near future.

Everyone had fun and the excellent costumes made it hard to pick a winner.

 Then our Halloween party was Spooktculuar!  And some even got a doughnut stuck on their nose when bobbing for apples (how?  I have no idea ask Henning).

All of the costumes were great and choosing a winner was especially difficult.

Debi Latte had several wonderful concerts with us.  If you missed out don't worry we will have her back again soon.

Another wonderful performer Joaquin Gustav returned for several shows as well.  And shall be again soon (check our events calendar for updates).

And of course who could ever forget the concerts of Ceci Dover!

And not to mention our Holiday ball with The Soulman!  We even had our own holiday flying squirrel!

In short we had a great holiday season aboard the SS Galaxy and if you missed it?  Well fear not our next one will be even better.  And of course our upcoming events are always listed at http://www.ssgalaxy.net!  Something is always going on aboard the Galaxy!