Thursday, November 10, 2011

LL Updates and we run for cover!

Linden Lab is doing a lot of updates this week.  And you may have noticed sim crossings are particularly bad as of late.  This is one reason for the lack of races on the Galaxy currently.  While LL is now working on the issue, however it will involve some large updates this week which means wide spread issues across the grid.

I know The Galaxy has experienced more general sim performance issues in the past few days.  And we will continue doing restarts as required to help mitigate this issue, however we may still have some performance issues that can't be helped.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

On a good note you might have noticed that LL has released a User Interface update to their latest viewer.  It removes the sidebar and gives a customizable list of buttons, which can be arranged to your liking on both sides of the screen and on the bottom.  The secret is to right click on a button and select edit toolbar then a window pops up.  While that is up you can drag and drop any button to the window to get rid of it or drag one out and add it to the tool bar of your choice.

You can also arrange the current ones to the configuration you like best.  And if you right click on the tool bar there is a option to show the labels or not.  It is a vast improvement in my opinion over the old sidebar interface as each button opens a window instead of the sidebar.

LL's blog post regarding the viewer update is at

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