Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at the SS Galaxy we wish you a Wonderful, Blessed, and Safe Christmas!

Christmas Contest Winner

This week's Christmas Window Winner is. . . .
*Drum Roll*. . . 
Tetris Resident!!! Congrats on a beautiful display and a week's free stay!
Merry Christmas Everyone :)

Photo and Comment by Doramia Aeon

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Current Contests Aboard!

We have several contests going on now if you didn't know (perhaps because you haven't been watching this blog):

Holiday Hunt  - Find the Christmas Bulbs

Our Christmas Window Contest for the renters aboard - Decorate your hallway windows in the Winter & Christmas theme. (no extra prims given and nothing in the hallway, keep it pg please)  Each Friday during December, there will be one winner chosen for a weeks stay on the Galaxy.  So get your creative juices flowing.  Any questions contact Crystalmom Bunnyhug.

Name that Whale Contest - Cash prize and more

Snowman Caption Contest - have the best caption for the two snowmen in reception to win!

Also don't forget our Advent Calender for all current renters is still available.  Just wear the Galaxy Cruise group and click the Advent Calender in reception.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at the SS Galaxy!

3rd Christmas Window Contest Winner

Another tough week for the judges with some beautiful displays.  This last Fridays winner: MADDOX HUNTRESS! Congratulations to Maddox and all of the contestants for a great job.  This Friday another winner will be chosen. Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Hunt!

We have a new Holiday Hunt just in time for Christmas!  There are 20 Christmas tree bulbs like this one hidden around the Galaxy (see the sample at our reception desk).  When you find one simply click on it and you will receive a notecard like this one with a number and a Christmas Phrase.  Write down all of these numbers and corresponding phrases on a notecard and send it to DBDigital Epislon.  The first person to find all of them, or the most by December 24th at 9pm wins $500L, a weeks stay in a Galaxy Suite, or time added to their current rent (their choice).  The winner will be announced on the 24th, or if someone finds all of them early.  Good Luck!

SS Galaxy Reception Desk:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas And Winter Fashion

Well the Christmas season is here and with that comes winter. Take a look Matahari Style and all the winter things available. Such as skates, Skating outfits and bumper sleighs that are so much fun!!

Matahari Skate! Black Fire Skating
What a elegant ensemble!! With its rich red color and black lace. This is one to impress.

Matahari Skate! Roxana Green
Sooo cute. Love this one, such a pretty shade of green. With the hat it is way past cute and into great. Perfect for the skating parties that are coming our way.

Matahari Skate! Winter Snowflake
Going sleigh riding or ice skating or just having a snowball fight...this outfit is perfect. I have also been know to wear the sweater along with jeans. So it is versatile too. Love those versatile clothes. :))

Matahari Ice Queen Skates White Leather/Fur
High Heel ice skates, just what you need to put on the top of your christmas give list and that letter to Santa. With the fur leg warmers it is perfect for the skating skirts.

Matahari Classic Lace Skating Dress
The prettiest, sexiest Skating Dress in SL.. head will turn when you wear this. It is now in the stores , with white or red. Check it out...

Matahari Skate:

Monday, December 12, 2011

3 Performances One Great Night

We had a wonderful day of concerts on Saturday. 

First we had Kain Scalia singing several classic opera songs among others.  A rare treat in SL.

Then we had Carah Nitely with her fun unique style and wonderful voice is that not to be missed.

Then we had Maximillion Kleene with his excellent vocal and guitar talents.

It was a bit of a adventure though due to the lag storm near the end of Carah's concert.  Max had a bit of a problem getting into the sim, but after a few minutes he did and we sailed though the storm.  Although as you can see Max had to do a bit of 'air guitar' for a few until we sailed out of the storm. ;)

If you missed these concerts fear not we have Ceci Dover and Carah Nitely back this weekend at 1 and 2pm!

Zodiac Ballroom:

Port Of Call: Gremany 3D!

We are pleased to announce we have sailed on to sail on to our next port of call: Germany!  It is a great location with many places to explore and people to meet.  Simply visit our boarding gangway and click on the sign-link to teleport there!  Just be sure to be back before we sail on to our next port of call!

Boarding Gangway:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

2nd Christmas Window Contest Winner!

The judges had a tough time this week but we are pleased to announce we have another winner in our Christmas Window Contest: Blaize Batra!  Congratulations!  There were many great displays this week and we will have another contest next week with the winner picked on Friday!  Good luck everyone!

Photo by Crystalmom Bunnyhug

Galaxy Gangway:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Name The Whale Contest

Our Orca whale that recently swam in ( is sad as she wants a name. "Hey you Whale!"  is apparently getting old. ;)  

Let us hear your suggestion (please see )!  If your suggestion is picked you will win 500L and a weeks stay in the Galaxy suite!  Contest runs until January 2nd.  Good Luck!

SS Galaxy Boarding Gangway:

Snowman Caption Contest

We have two snowmen in reception (to the right of the desk and near the Christmas Tree).  One is pointing a hair dryer at the other see here .  Send us your best Phrase ( and you just might win a weeks stay aboard!  Contest runs until December 22nd with the winner (or winners in the case of a tie) to be announced on the 23rd on our blog website ( and blog (  And of course on our in-world on groups.  Good Luck!

Galaxy Gangway:

Advent Calendar is now in Reception

The SS Galaxy's Advent calender is now on display to the right of the desk in reception.  It is open to all those currently staying aboard.  Click on it and you will receive your gift for today, just be sure to wear your "Galaxy Cruise" group.  Each day is something different.  We hope you enjoy.  And Merry Christmas!

Galaxy Reception Desk
SS Galaxy Gangway:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Window Contest Winner For Dec 3rd

And we have a winner in the Christmas Window Contest for this Friday!  The winner of the SS Galaxy's Winter & Christmas Window display is.....Rogue Vondran.  The Vondran Family  has won a weeks stay on the SS Galaxy.  

But remember this is only the first one.  We will be continuing this every Friday in December.  Decorate your windows this month and you just might win a weeks stay free!

Photo and Article by Crystalmom Bunnyhug

Boarding Gangway:
Reception & Hospitality:

Live Music this Saturday!

We are pleased to announce BGSinger is returning to the Zodiac Ballroom this Saturday (December 3rd) at 2pm!

BGSinger Hermit is a classically trained vocalist who performs a wide variety of styles from jazz to country to pop to rock.  Whatever  style he sings, it flows freely and magically from his lips. You will be entranced with each note he sings!  You won't want to miss this performance!

Zodiac Ballroom: