Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Exhibit: Sanspareil london

The Nova Straaf Gallery is proud to present our latest exhibit featuring work by Sanspareil London!

Sanspareil's work is varied and favours no particular style except that he loves colour and movement.  He creates works because he enjoys expressing himself and sharing a little piece of his soul with those who see it.

Sanspareil produces work  for SL - and makes little or no attempt to bring RL Art into a digital world.  He is am concerned with the final image and not the process.  He sees the value of  his paintings is in the viewing of them and not in the intellectualization of a thought pattern.  Love or hate - the choice is yours.  He makes no apology nor offers any justification. 

As he says "Read what you will into the pictures - you may have a better idea than I of my intention."

His exhibit is on display until the end of the month, be sure you check it out before then!

Nova Straaf Gallery:
Boarding Gangway:

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