Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fashion at Sea: Divine & Gorgeous and Luce Gold

Marette Black
 This creation is a fashion statement of elegance and  sex appeal in black .  I decided to do some torch singing in it, what fun.   Comes in several different colors all are perfect for that date you want to impress.  I love this dress.

 Brenna Violet
 This I found to be a very versatile gown.   With the fur trim, this is perfect for the holidays  ahead.  Without the bodice it would be wearable anytime.  It has a grace  that makes it perfect  to wear dancing..   Without the shirt, you could wear it as a dressy slacks outfit. 

Luce Gold
Check out the shoe store in the mall.  They are reasonable and extremely "hot" shoes.   I am wearing their shoes in all pics.  With the purple gown I am wearing purple velvet with pearls and the other is Stilleto Sandals with Silver Bow.  They have become my favorite shoes.

Photos and Article by Crystalmom Bunnyhug

SS Galaxy Mall

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