Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Suite Sale!

It is almost Halloween!  And with this in mind we have SLASHED the prices!  But only until Halloween.  Galaxy suites only 3900 a week!  Furnished Stirling Suites (deck 4 AFT) are  3000 a week!  VIP Star suites (furnished) 500 a day or  1500 a week (furnished)!  VIP Suites 1000  a week (unfurnished)!  Singe Suites are 450 a week (unfurnished) Doubles suites are only 700 a week (unfurnished)! 

The rental boxes are all preset with the sale prices. Come get them while you can as at these prices they won't last!

Sale Ends November 1st.

Room Vacancy  Finder http://slurl.com/secondlife/Galaxy%20AFT/149/30/22
(To use simply click the arrows until you see something you like then click the little blue map button on the bottom of the panel to teleport to the room you were just looking at, pay the rental box by the door and the room is yours.

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