Saturday, October 27, 2012

Super Sunday With The Soulman!

Have you been to one of the Soulman's sets?  No Then you have really been missing out!  Every week the Soulman (DJ Bobby Bobby Eberhart) brings out the best in soul music along with other great music.  It is never the same set twice!

As you can see even the skeleton's come out of the closet for the Soulman at our Pool Deck!

And don't forget our Halloween Ball is this Sunday 28th at 1-3pm SLT in the Zodiac Ballroom!  We will have a Spooktacular time with our contest for the best costume!  The board starts at $500!  Our trivia ball will be primed and ready as well.  Grab your goul and join us!

Pool Deck:
Coral Lagoon Pool Deck

Zodiac Ballroom:

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