Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fishin' FUN

Every Tuesday at 3pm SLT we have a 7seas Fishing Contest at our boarding gangway.  It is always a interesting time as the fish try to evade our best bait.  Other try to use the patented fish caller, but they ignore the fine print (has been known to call sharks) which always makes for a interesting time. ;)

 Some even bring their own lunch.  Or is that bait?  Hmm this tiny might be on to something.  Now I wonder if all this time we have been using the wrong bait...

Definitely having a barrel of fun. :)
And here sharing a barrel with the current leader of the contest...probably trying to see what bait she is using. ;)

Never know what you will see aboard the SS Galaxy! :) 

Boarding Gangway

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