Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas And Winter Fashion

Well the Christmas season is here and with that comes winter. Take a look Matahari Style and all the winter things available. Such as skates, Skating outfits and bumper sleighs that are so much fun!!

Matahari Skate! Black Fire Skating
What a elegant ensemble!! With its rich red color and black lace. This is one to impress.

Matahari Skate! Roxana Green
Sooo cute. Love this one, such a pretty shade of green. With the hat it is way past cute and into great. Perfect for the skating parties that are coming our way.

Matahari Skate! Winter Snowflake
Going sleigh riding or ice skating or just having a snowball fight...this outfit is perfect. I have also been know to wear the sweater along with jeans. So it is versatile too. Love those versatile clothes. :))

Matahari Ice Queen Skates White Leather/Fur
High Heel ice skates, just what you need to put on the top of your christmas give list and that letter to Santa. With the fur leg warmers it is perfect for the skating skirts.

Matahari Classic Lace Skating Dress
The prettiest, sexiest Skating Dress in SL.. head will turn when you wear this. It is now in the stores , with white or red. Check it out...

Matahari Skate:

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