Monday, December 12, 2011

3 Performances One Great Night

We had a wonderful day of concerts on Saturday. 

First we had Kain Scalia singing several classic opera songs among others.  A rare treat in SL.

Then we had Carah Nitely with her fun unique style and wonderful voice is that not to be missed.

Then we had Maximillion Kleene with his excellent vocal and guitar talents.

It was a bit of a adventure though due to the lag storm near the end of Carah's concert.  Max had a bit of a problem getting into the sim, but after a few minutes he did and we sailed though the storm.  Although as you can see Max had to do a bit of 'air guitar' for a few until we sailed out of the storm. ;)

If you missed these concerts fear not we have Ceci Dover and Carah Nitely back this weekend at 1 and 2pm!

Zodiac Ballroom:

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