Friday, May 4, 2012

Security System Upgrade

We are pleased to announce a upgrade in the security systems aboard the Galaxy!  Galaxy Suites have already been upgraded AND the  Stirling Suites now have this installed as well!   This new system is much easier to use and allows for configuration by renter at the moment of rental instead of manually configured by staff (click the secure button on the wall in your suite) . 

Please note the extra security systems are only available in our largest suites, but they will never substitute for our staff.  A reminder: If you have a issue or problem please do let us know via the service call on the desk in reception.  This of course applies to everyone. :)  Also some suites have a call in their room such as Galaxy and Stirling.

We hope you enjoy the addition.

Galaxy Suites:

Stirling Suites: (along the East and West walls of Deck 4 in AFT)

Boarding Gangway:

Room Vacancy List Finder

Service Call

Tip...easiest way to use SLURL's is to cut and paste them into your local chat (or a IM) hit enter then click on it to teleport directly there.  This is often several clicks easier than clicking directly on a website, especially if you are using a 3rd party viewer.

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