Sunday, September 11, 2011

Port Of Call: The Raglan Shire

Have you noticed our latest port of call: The Raglan Shire?  Do you like the patter of little feet?  Then you are in luck!  The Raglan Shire has a lot of places to explore and friendly tinys to meet.  And like previously posted the tinys also have a exhibit (called "The Art Of Being Tiny") in our Nova Straaf Gallery you will want to see.

As you can see the Tinys were having a blast after the docking dancing to the music of  DJ Shandy Stradling

 Tinys and biggies alike having a great time at our Pool Deck!

Just click the sign on our gangway to disembark.  But be sure to return before we sail on to our next port of call!

Boarding Gangway

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