Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New TV System on the Galaxy

I am pleased to announce that the Galaxy has a new TV system in the process of being installed.  All Galaxy Suites, Stirling Suites, Honeymoon Suites, VIP Star and VIP Unfurnished suites will have these TV's included (if not already installed).

These new TV's have Youtube (with search ablity), DVD movies, TreetTV, Metaverse TV, classic movies in several different labeled, help tutorials, and more.  They are limited to group access so be sure to wear the Galaxy Cruise group.

They are simple to use.  They are simple to use.  Just left click on them and pick from the pop up menu.  The different buttons represent different categories.  The search button is for youtube and the rest are labeled well and are quite self explanatory.

If you do not already have a TV in your room and would like one added, there is a fee of 500L for installation (a one time fee that is good for the length of your rental) and 3 prims that will count against your prim limit.

DBDigital Epsilon
Managing Director
SS Galaxy

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