Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Galaxy Docks with New England!

Through our Ports Of Call Program we visit many great locations in Second Life.  This month we are pleased to be at New England!  If you haven't visited then now is a great opportunity!  The Islands of New England is made up of many sims which are among the most beautiful in all of Second Life. Carefully designed terraforming and strict adherence to a New England theme makes for an unforgettable visit.   There are many activities including shopping, artistic galleries, hunts, and live music events.

Currently decorated for Christmas SL New England is a location you definitely do not want to miss!

What is our Ports Of Call Program?  Each month we have a new location that our guests can visit by simply going to our gangway and clicking one of the several teleporters.  You will be whisked away to our sister gangway at the Port Of Call.  Clicking on the sister gangway will teleport you back to the Galaxy.  It couldn't be simpler!

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